Grow your retail sales the week after Christmas

Managing a post-holiday sales decline? Rest assured, even after the holiday season has passed, you can intrigue those customers into your store with some advance preparation and marketing. Customers aren’t staying at home until the following holiday season just because the current holiday season has ended. Your task is to give them compelling reasons to visit your shop while they are still out and about. People can enter your store through post-holiday sales, from new product lines, with loyalty club offers, and outright freebies.

The following are some of the standard tips for marketing to post-holiday shoppers:

Profit from exchanges and returns

Don’t be concerned that your store won’t be busy in the new year; you probably will be. Unfortunately, customers may want to exchange or return a product they weren’t happy with. Returns are similar to the hangover experienced following a Christmas shopping binge. Give discounts on exchanges. By giving those who exchange discounts, you can encourage people to exchange rather than return. Promote this perk to encourage customers to enter your shop right away to take advantage of it.

Cater to New Year’s resolutions

People look to change their habits, improve their appearance or connect with friends and family during the New Year. You can increase your chances of selling to the customer looking to make changes in the New Year by catering to this “new leaf” mindset. Making an advertisement about the “new and improved you” can boost January sales, whether you’re selling lunch specials at your restaurant, self-help books at your bookstore, or new wardrobes for professionals.

Have a sale after the holidays

Although it isn’t a brand-new sales concept, it works. Some customers eagerly anticipate the after-holiday sale, when prices are slashed and they can stock up on all the excess Christmas goods at rock-bottom prices. Don’t let them down. With bold red letters, announce your sale, and extend a warm welcome to shoppers looking for deals.

Promotions are planned ways of giving a customer a discount to encourage additional purchases.

TallOrder POS can calculate promotions automatically, ensuring that customers get the best deal and are more satisfied.

In the New Year, launch a new line.

Selling new products before the holidays is simple. People are prepared and eager to purchase. So delaying the release of a new product until after the New Year can help sustain interest in your company’s brand after the chaos of Christmas. Make sure to create anticipation before releasing the new item, and adding some element of mystery isn’t a bad idea either.

A good way to ensure that your new product receives the attention it deserves when it is finally unveiled, is to keep people interested.

Give discounts when using gift cards

You can anticipate gift card redemptions to make up for the losses from the returns. Give customers who might otherwise keep their gift cards until they expire an extra incentive by promoting a special discount for those who use them in January, so that people who were planning to hold onto their cards until next December are tempted to come in and buy now. Make sure it is obvious that the sale is only valid for the month of January. Vouchers can be used at the point of sale to apply discounts, process coupons, and issue devoted customer memberships with the aid of TallOrders’ POS system. An integrated point of sale and vouchering engine can be used to control all of these operations.

Promote joining loyalty clubs

For physical stores, loyalty programs work wonders. Make January the month when your loyalty club terms are the most alluring.

  • Make sure to connect with your clients when they are already on their mobile devices. A quick way to do that is by using SMS loyalty clubs and holiday business texting.
  • Keep track of your customers’ purchasing patterns to send them pertinent promotions.
  • Messages that are specifically addressed to the customer will let them know that you are thinking about them.
  • Send irresistible offers or a discount to encourage your customers to visit your store.

Loyalty programs encourage customers to return to your establishment, resulting in increased sales. TallOrder POS can be configured to accept currency or point-based rewards, allowing them to build and redeem as needed. Tiers of loyalty can also be established.

The post-holiday period doesn’t need to be a retail wasteland. Even after the holiday rush has passed, you can continue to draw customers in by using loyalty programs, on-site promotions, the New Year’s Resolution craze, exchange strategies, and other tactics.

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